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Dependable Residential and Commercial
Water-Softening Products

Elgin Gives You the Water You Want™

Enjoy softened water for washing dishes, clothes, and yourself, along with delicious, pure reverse osmosis water for drinking and cooking.

Our experienced, non-commission sales professionals are recognized for excellent service and they are ready to help you choose the system that will match your needs and budget. 

Our water softening and reverse-osmosis systems are affordable with both rental and purchase plans available. Contact us today!
Fresh water

The Benefits of Softened Water

Since softened water interacts better with detergents and soaps, your dishes and tableware will get cleaner and be spot-free. Clothes, towels, and linens will come out of the laundry softer and lasts longer. Soap and shampoo will lather better and get you cleaner quicker. 

Softened water also reduces mineral buildup and helps to prevent long-term damage to your plumbing devices and appliances.
Fresh water

Always Fresh Water When You Want It

A reverse-osmosis system in your kitchen will keep you constantly supplied with fresh and delicious water for drinking, cooking, and making ice. The system is practically maintenance-free, only needing a cartridge change once a year.

Commercial Water Systems

Get softened water for your business with our reliable equipment at the right capacity to fit your needs. Property developers and other commercial clients count on us to protect their investment in plumbing fixtures and water-using machinery. A reverse-osmosis system is also a great choice for offices with a kitchen area.

Elgin Water Care is a fully independent company and can provide your property with dependable and effective equipment. Our ultra-high-grade salt keeps your systems running perfectly throughout the year.

We are also a proud supplier of bottled water and high-end water coolers (with an optional hot water function) to offices throughout the region. Contact us today and get the water you want™.
Call Us to Get the Water
You Want™.
Softened water
improves your quality
of life and will save
you money.

Water Softening Products

Hellenbrand H-100

Hellenbrand - H100 Model
Essential water softening
for your home

Efficient and electronic. The H-100 is the perfect place to start when reducing the effects of hard water on your home, your family and appliances.  5 year parts warranty and 3 years in home labor.

Hellenbrand H-125

WaterCare CareSoft Pro
Pure Simplicity

Maximum efficiency to minimize water and salt use.  Monitors and self-adjusts to water use patterns and changes.
10 year limited parts warranty & 5 years of in home labor.

Hellenbrand H-151

Nelsen - 2510 Series
User Friendly and Reliable

The H151 standard electronic package is capable of reclaiming up to 30% of the salt used in
regeneration for the next regeneration.

Hellenbrand H-200

Hellenbrand - H100 Model
Disassemble and Reassemble
in Minutes

The H200M standard electronic
package is capable of reclaiming much of the water used to regenerate the water softener and re-use that water to flush toilets.

WaterCare CareSoft Pro

WaterCare CareSoft Pro
Pure Simplicity

Maximum efficiency to minimize water and salt use.  Monitors and self-adjusts to water use patterns and changes.  10 year limited parts warranty and 5 years of in home labor.

Nelsen 2510 Series

Nelsen - 2510 Series
Workhorse System

Fully adjustable 5 cycle for heavy duty use.  The 2510 can remove higher amounts of hardness and iron.  5 year parts warranty with 3 years of labor.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Nelsen NRO4 Series

Nelsen NRO4 Series
Simple operation, uses industry standard filters and most applications require an annual filter change.  One year parts and labor warranty.

Aqua Flo Platinum QCRO

Aqua Flo Platinum
Sanitary quick connect filters for easy change.  Annual filter changes are normal,  70 gallon per day rating.  2 year parts warranty (excludes filters) and one year labor.
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